Libraries and Information services for Children and Adolescents

LIS 215Libraries and Information services for Children and AdolescentsCharacteristics, needs and interests of Children and AdolescentsChildren and Adolescents have physical, psychological and social needs that must be met to enable healthy growth and development. The extent to which parents, the family, the community and the society are able to meet these developmental needs (or not)Continue reading “Libraries and Information services for Children and Adolescents”

The information search process (ISP)

The ISP was first suggested by Carol Kuhlthau in 1991.  ISP is a 6 stages processes with each stages comprising of 4 aspects.  The 6 stages and  the 4 aspects in each stage. Information search process (ISP) ISP was proposed and developed by Carol Kuhlthau. An holistic framework based initially on research into high school students, but extended overContinue reading “The information search process (ISP)”

Filtering and child safety

Internet Filtering Software?  Clearing Up the Confusion There are four areas of online security that people need to be aware of. These are not presented as options, rather – they each offer a different level of security and serve different purposes. 1. Anti-Virus Software: This is essential basic software that filters your email to protect yourContinue reading “Filtering and child safety”

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